for E9 visa workers


How to extend the stay of E9 visa workers.
Foreigners who are staying in Korea with an E9visa (non-professional employment) visa
It is about 330,000 people from 15 countries in Southeast Asia....
The E9 visa is initially set for a three-year stay in Korea,
If you continue to work, you can extend your stay by one year and ten months.
They can not stay longer than 4 years and 10 months, so they have to go back to my home country.
But most E9 visa workers do not want to go back
and they want to spend more time in Korea.
And for the employer, they want to work for a long time with a trained worker for about five years.
So in a brief, legitimate way E9 visa 4 years 10 months
GMK will show you how to stay longer than this. ^^

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